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Train Hard. Sweat Hard.

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MVP Training 

Personal and small group training specialists

Functional training methods, Strength and Conditioning, Boxing and sports specific training.

With a high priority on injury prevention, mindset and mobility we pride ourselves on individulised programing.

Classes are limited to small groups with a maximum of 6 participants to create optimal focus and coaching.

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"We are a community.

We are not interested in 20,30, 50 or 70 people in a session.


MVP Training is about small groups for a reason.

MVP is about individualized programming, technique and growth.

We are here to coach not cheerlead."

Interested in Personal Training? 

Matt offers training specific to your goals in the MVP studio or MVP can come to you! 

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Workout Facility

Our Facility

Our Methods

Our Classes
Whether your into strength or cardio we have a class to suit everyone!



This is NOT a boxfit class!

If you want that turn around now!

If you want to learn correct technique and improve on your power and output this is the class for you.


Circuit style training that combines strength and cardio conditioning incorporating both anaerobic and aerobic exercises to improve overall cardio fitness and power.

Strength and Power

Its time to lift some weights!

This workout will work on compound and Olympic lifts such as Deadlifts, squats, Bench press, power cleans and so on.

Incorporating accessory movements into the workouts, this class will get you strong!


High intensity interval training!

Circuit style workout with a work/rest format to get your body into a calorie burning zone that will continue well after your class is over. 


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