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It's not what you do but how you do it that makes the difference.

Brooks Barron



Brooks Barron is a former played collegiate football for Jacksonville State University as a quarterback. He is from Birmingham AL and graduated from John Carroll High School as an All-State Football Player receiving honors in 3 different positions. He started as a graduate strength coach at Jacksonville State University before moving to teach and coach at the high school level. Coach Barron is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and on the Alabama Board for the NSCA. Coach Barron started coaching in 2000 after playing and has well over 15 years of strength and conditioning experience. He has had the privilege of coaching elite 4 and 5 star talents in high school assisting them to SEC schools like Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Army, Air Force and many others. Brooks Barron is also a member of the advisory board for the NSCA in Alabama. He has been an advisor with the NSCA in AL since 2016.

Coach Barron has gone from a full-time teacher and coach to a full-time Owner of a Sports Performance Training Business. MVP Training LLC has been created since 2011. He developed this business out of the need for education in strength and conditioning for other high school and middle school coaches and seeing young athlete’s get injured unnecessarily. Through his experience and many great mentors Brooks Barron has created quality training, consulting, and coaching where it is needed the most. He has other certifications in USA Weightlifting (USAW) and Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and USA Track and Field. Brooks’ plan is to educate the community around him so that parents and coaches learn more about what young athletes need in the United States in today’s world. Injury Rates continue to increase each year and the need for expertise in Movement Analysis and Correction is becoming more and more evident. Coach Barron is planning on opening up a place for young people to come and get trained in a more private and small group environment. MVP Training is planning on opening up their place in March of 2015.

Athletics has always been a part of Brooks’ life. He has excelled in many sports but his love of football became evident at a young age. His father, Randy, played football at University of Alabama. So that inspired Brooks to do the same. Although he didn’t attend UA, he excelled at football as an ambidextrous QB at John Carroll High School and signed a scholarship to play for Jacksonville State University. There he played QB and Special Teams at the beginning of his career. He did so well on special teams that he was  transferred to playing Safety for the Gamecocks in his remaining 2 years. After graduating Brooks went on to become a Coach and teacher. He coached many sports in Alabama and Georgia but fell in love with the weight room. So he pursued more education and certifications in strength and conditioning. Brooks quickly climbed the ladder of success in coaching, getting his Specialist Degree in Education, and after 13 years as a football coach and strength and conditioning coach he decided to get into business for himself. His passion became helping educate high school and middle school coaches about the relationship of preventing injuries and weight room practices. Brooks Barron saw many injuries in his experiences that could have been prevented and he wanted to help get his message out to the masses. MVP Training started in 2011 as a way to help coaches and athletes. In 2013 he started taking over teams at high schools and middle schools. And in March of 2015 opened the doors of the facility.

“There is very little quality training when it counts. Athletes need professionals that know what they are doing at the younger ages. This is where young athletes need it the most. Not at the elite levels. If we did a better job from ages 7-18 we wouldn’t need the experts at the elite ages. Young athletes need to learn to move better as athletes but ultimately this will lead to a long healthier life time.”- Brooks Barron