Performance Training, Delivered.

MVP Training’s Philosophy

"Enhancing Movement and Performance with a Purpose"

Step 1- Assessment: Movement Screen and Performance Assessment

Step 2- Create Plans based on Results

Step 3- Correct Movement and Build Foundations

Step 4- Enhance Athletic Ability

Step 5- Keep Healthy Athletes Return to Step 1

MVP Makes athletes 1st. Athletes have inherent qualities no matter what sport or position they play. We make athletes with teams in mind. 

Meet the Owner

Brooks Barron is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) that has 15 years of coaching experience all over Alabama and Georgia. He has had the privilege of coaching elite talents in high school.  He was an elite high school and college athlete that learned the value of performance training from mentors and coaches that invested in him. He has the joy of doing the same for youth. Coach Barron has gone from a full-time teacher and coach to a full-time Owner of a Sports Performance Training Business. MVP Training LLC has been created since 2011. Brooks Barron has created quality training, consulting, and coaching where it is needed the most. He is a lifetime learner and has three post graduate degrees in Physical Education. He has other certifications in USA Weightlifting (USAW) and Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and USA Track and Field. Brooks' plan is to educate the community around him so that parents and coaches learn more about what young athletes need in the United States. 

There is very little quality training when it counts. Athletes need professionals that know what they are doing at the younger ages. This is where young athletes need it the most. Not at the elite levels. If we did a better job from ages 7-18 we wouldn't need the experts at the elite ages. Young athletes need to learn to move better as athletes but ultimately this will lead to a long healthier life time. And that is all Brooks is looking for.

What Maximum Velocity Performance Training Does?

MVP Training is a mobile Sports Performance Training Center that specializes in training teams from youth league to high school levels. The company is led by Brooks Barron. We are about making well rounded athletes that last a lifetime. MVP Training values the whole athlete. If your sport is baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, or softball MVP Training has the team training experts to support your team to help your team make it to MVP levels. We train athletes and teams at your school or you can visit us. So, if you are looking to get faster, jump higher, build muscle, get stronger, or perform better MVP Training can help. Our home base is in Vestavia, AL but are available for all the Birmingham, AL areas such as Mountain Brook, Homewood, Hoover, Oak Mountain, Chelsea, and all the Shelby and Jefferson County Schools. 

Team Training

MVP Training comes to you! We provide training at your practice for in-season, bring the equipment to implement plans on the off-season, and give you a jump start on the competition by providing the best preseason planning guaranteed! We do this to make it cost effective, less strenuous on parent's scheduling, and a comfortable and team building atmosphere for the coaches. 

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Our consulting is based on the needs of the coaches. Some teams just need a specific plan to implement for there strength and conditioning or weight room staff. So we provide different levels of planning and periodization at competitive cost. MVP Training provides the proper movement plans for recreational leagues, preseason plans for High Schools, and even nutritional support and planning for teams. 

Coach Training

We provide education for coaches that have a passion for building athletes in the field of strength and conditioning. MVP provides a 2-3 day certification course that allows the coaches to implement the plan that they create under the direction of the MVP Training staff. We give them the knowledge to be able to create and apply the foundational theories and philosophies learned to execute a MVP Plan to help their team have an edge on the competition.