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Primary Location:5406 US 280, Suite D-106 Birmingham, AL 35242

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Speed. Agility. Power. Strength




Maximize Velocity Performance Training (MVP) mission is to improve sports performance and limit injury. Our high sports performance training in model includes performance (10,40 yard dash, pro shuttle, vertical) testing all on laser and electronic timers. MVP Training also provides movement assessments to all athletes that we train so that you and your athlete can have insight on what can keep them healthy. Our proven methods create better athletes by improving speed, agility, power, and strength.




Our vision is to create a generation of athletes better than the one before it in as many communities that we can. Our home base is located in Birmingham AL (35242) off 280 in Greystone. Our sports performance training model is based from research and over 15 years of experience to enhance movement and limit injury. We look forward to coming to your community.




Our purpose is to build athletes from the ground up. By using our assessments that are completely objective we put together a plan that is right for your athlete. The Speed Agility Power and Strength drills are specific to building better athletes. Better Movement= Better Athletes. Our sports performance training model uses our certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) to use their expertise that can help enhance performance and limit injury.

Enhancing Performance

Speed, Agility, Power, and Strength are qualities that we work on daily. They will improve in all of these qualities with the right amount of time given to MVP. We track their sports performance training through testing and evaluations. These test are done to help inform the athlete and parents where the improvements are made and what we need to focus on.


Our Commitment

Our Commitment is to provide your child with the sports performance training skills to be a better athlete no matter what sport they play. When your child gets better that makes us look good!


Our Promise

Risk Free Guarantee. If you don’t like what we do you can cancel the contract within 30 days with NO Penalty.

MVP Training

We Build Athletes


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Athlete Small Groups

Middle/High School


  • $15 per session
  • Get up to 5 sessions per week
  • Great for the Offseason Athlete
  • For ages 13-18
  • Speed and Agility
  • Weight Lifting
  • Semi-Private (1-3 athletes per session)

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Youth Speed and Agility


  • Up to 5 Classes per week
  • Speed and Agility Basics
  • Mechanics & Technique
  • Ages 7-12

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Summer Weekly Speed Camp


  • Up to 5 Sessions in a Week (Monday-Friday)
  • For ages 7-12
  • Speed and Agility Drills
  • $20 per session

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12 Pack

$3001 Time Purchase

  • Get 12 Small Group Sessions to use over 30 days
  • Purchase more when you run out
  • $25 per session
  • For all ages

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24 Pack


  • 24 Small Group Sessions to use over 60 days
  • Flexible Scheduling- schedule is up to you.
  • $22.50 per session

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